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30 years in business. 1984 - 2014

Rooms Online Blog Post - Occupancy vs. Revenue

What is the best measurement of success?

Rooms Online Blog Post - Revenue Management in Practice

Melissa Kalan, founding director of the Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA) shared with Rooms Online, her ‘Two Top Tips’ for effective revenue management.

Coffeys Newsletter March 2019

Our second newsletter - a time for reflection. As we revise our various advertising materials for 2019, our “30 years in business” banner is updated to 35 years for 2019. Where has that time gone?

Understanding AML

From 1 January 2019, Real Estate Agents are required to verify the identity of their vendors in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

We have developed this flyer outlining the requirements, information and documents we as your agent may ask you to present as part of this process.

Deadline Sale Protocol

No Price Marketing

Coffeys Newsletter - November 2018

Welcome to our first Coffeys newsletter.

GST implications

As to “separate supply” in the current Agreement for Sale and Purchase of a Business

Insurance - How Well Do You Know Your Policy?

With the recent earthquakes still fresh in mind, it would seem timely to consider insurance matters for natural disaster cover.

Valuation of Accommodation Businesses

How do we appraise accommodation businesses?

Management Rights

The intention of this article is to provide a brief overview of the operation of Management Rights in New Zealand.

Selling Your Accommodation Business - How Hard Can It Be?

Selling any type of business is usually quite different to selling a house.

Motel Rent Reviews

Most motels in New Zealand operate by way of leasing and likely many other types of accommodation properties as well. One of the main reasons for this, could be that the return from the real estate investment (land & buildings) is considerably lower than that earned by the operator of the business.


A painful recovery?

Appraisal of Shorter Term Motel Leases

Addressing how a motel with a shorter lease length can be appraised or valued.

Bed & Breakfast Operations

A Popular Choice

Understanding the Commercial Accommodation Lease

The majority of new entrants to the motel or accommodation industry will have purchased their business by way of lease. For many, this will be their first encounter with a commercial lease and it often seems that some aspects of commercial leasing may not be fully understood.

Motel Land & Building Investments

Advantages over other types of property investment.

Financial Returns

When considering the purchase of a motel business for the first time, it could be helpful to gain an overview of the returns being offered by the current market. These notes are intended to outline the differences in return on investment for each situation.

Feasibility of Motels

Issues and questions commonly raised to the assessment of viability for motel and accommodation business leases.

What You Get Is Where You Buy

Commentary on rates of return on investment for motel and accommodation businesses.

Management Rights - Recent Court of Appeal Decision

Court of Appeal Decision relating to the question of exclusive letting rights for Management Rights operators.

The Tourism Property Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide is a collection of various articles written at different times addressing the many aspects of buying and selling tourism property.

Lease Values & Extensions

Why Would I Sell A Freehold Property And Buy A Lease?

Agency Agreements

Signing Up To Sell Your Business

Preparing Your Motel Business For Sale

A summary on where to start when preparing your motel business for sale.

Checklist for Selling Your Motel

Thinking of selling your motel? View our checklist.

ANZ Inbusiness Magazine

ANZ Inbusiness article on the subject of running a motel or similar accommodation.

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