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There are not as many accommodation businesses for sale by way of Management Rights in New Zealand as there are under the more traditional leasing arrangement. Motels for example, would usually be leased from a single commercial landlord, whereas management rights often operate by way of individual contracts with separate apartment owners.

Instead of a set rental paid by the operator, the revenue is usually split between the owner of the apartment and the manager, with the costs of operation being shared between them.  This tends to be more prevalent in tourist areas and larger cities.

Coffeys usually have management rights for sale in various parts of New Zealand, so please browse our website for any listings which may be of interest. Further information on the structure of management agreements can be read in the article Management Rights.

If you have any questions about how management rights work, or what may be available now or coming up for sale throughout New Zealand, please contact one of our experienced specialist brokers for advice and information.

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