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30 years in business. 1984 - 2014


Take the first step today with Coffeys and experience the difference of over 30 years of expertise in marketing Motels, Motor Inns, Holiday Parks and Tourist Hotels. We understand this industry what it is and also what it's not.  For instance: -

Confidentiality - it's not lip service it's a vital business necessity.

When your neighbours could be your competitors then absolute confidentiality between you and your business partners is vital.   Independently conducted research ranks the Coffeys team well above the industry standard.

The devil is in the detail - it's not like selling any other business. 

Sometimes the real work begins when the offer document is signed.  Our years of experience allows us to anticipate and navigate around any "fish hooks" that could cause your deal to fall over.

It's not a volume game - we don't market every property we are offered. 

We only take on properties where we are confident that we can represent the vendor's best interests and achieve the outcomes that the client desires.

Vendor funded advertising - it's costly and not always required

Our extensive database of qualified buyers usually makes the use of additional and costly vendor paid advertising redundant. The promotion of our website through continued search engine optimisation ensures that we rank highly on searches relevant to our niche market.  We use a number of third party websites, including Trade Me.  Other sites have a number of offshore links, so we receive many international enquiries.  Our commitment to marketing our own brand through a number of other initiatives, provides a steady stream of enquiry.

Basically, what is important to you is important to us.

Having specialised in this niche of the industry for a considerable time, and with the intention of continuing to do so, our aim is to develop long term business relationships. Part of this involves providing you with objective advice and supplying whatever information you need to make an informed decision.

We understand this industry and that you have invested much more than just capital in to your business. It is possible that you have a strong attachment to your property, having managed, lived in and perhaps grown over a period of time.

The Coffeys team come from a range of different backgrounds and all have the necessary skills, experience and commitment to provide you with the level of professional service you deserve.

Your Coffeys broker will provide you with FREE advice on the following areas:-

  • Pricing. Essential "price to profit" guidelines and other factors affecting values.
  • Effectively preparing your business for sale, the information to collect and any issues needing to be attended to.
  • Leasing - demystifying this complex area.  Explanations on the types of leases and various structures, tax implications, rent reviews, maintenance provisions etc.
  • Referrals to exactly the right experts in the fields of legal, accounting, finance and insurance.
  • Vital assistance in determining true market value, based on firsthand knowledge of current market trends and activity.
  • How to present your property and its trading figures to enhance saleability.
  • Presenting you with a range of marketing options. Most of our results come without the need for vendor funded advertising because we take pride in actively promoting our own profile to this particular market. As a result, we have a database of buyers at any given time and also receive a constant stream of enquiries for this industry. In some cases though, it is appropriate to discuss a higher profile individual campaign and we can provide you with various options in this regard. We offer a cost efficient advertising approach. Ask about our "fair factor" regarding vendor funded advertising.
  • If required we can contact your landlord and represent your interests.
  • Properly qualifying, as much as possible, all prospective buyers. We are keenly aware of the need to avoid disruption to your business and to avoid unnecessary exposure of your information to prospects who are not in a position to buy.
  • Keeping things moving towards a positive result by supplying the buyers with answers to the many questions they have about finance, insurance, leasing, valuation, rent reviews, advertising - and certainly the list goes on.
  • By being up to date with the current lending criteria we are in a strong position to introduce buyers to the right sources of finance for their situation.
  • Assisting with all the necessary steps of the transaction, to deal with many of the situations that can arise throughout the process, from negotiating the sale agreement right through to settlement and beyond.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, keeping you informed. We understand the importance of communication in this business and you can be assured that your listing won't be forgotten. 

So take the first step today - complete the form below for a no-obligation confidential discussion with one of our brokers. 

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