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Financial Returns

When considering the purchase of a motel business, it could be helpful to gain an overview of the returns being offered by the current market. These notes are intended to outline the differences in return on investment for each situation.

The Tourism Property Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide is a collection of various articles written at different times addressing the many aspects of buying and selling tourism property.

Coffeys Motel Industry Benchmarking Survey

We are pleased to advise that the second release of our Motel Industry Benchmarking Survey has just been published. This latest version now covers the March 2021 financial year.

Motel Rent Reviews

Most motels in New Zealand operate by way of leasing. One of the main reasons for this, could be that the return from the real estate investment (land & buildings) is considerably lower than that earned by the operator of the business.

Bed & Breakfast Operations

A Popular Choice. There are a good many Bed & Breakfast establishments throughout New Zealand and they offer a unique and distinctive accommodation experience for the guest.

Motel Land & Building Investments

Comparisons with other types of property investment.

What You Get Is Where You Buy

It may come as a surprise to hear that the rates of return on investment for motel and accommodation businesses can be quite different throughout the country. So, where you buy may largely determine the return you could expect.

Management Rights

The intention of this article is to provide a brief overview of the operation of Management Rights in New Zealand.

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