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Coffeys April 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to the Occasional Coffeys Newsletter for April 2024. We celebrate 40 years of involvement in this industry for the writer, discuss the market, review the Coffeys Motel Industry Benchmarking Survey results, social housing and banks. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Motel Leases – Contingent liability after sale

Comments relating to some earlier versions of Motel Leases

The Tourism Property Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide is a collection of various articles written at different times addressing the many aspects of buying and selling tourism property.

Appraisal of Shorter Term Motel Leases

Addressing how a motel with a shorter lease length can be appraised or valued.

Agency Agreements

Signing Up To Sell Your Business

Checklist for Selling Your Motel

Thinking of selling your motel? View our checklist.

Lease Values & Extensions

Why Would I Sell A Freehold Property And Buy A Lease?

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